Prism Letter - qtop online course (2024)

The more people who understand this, the better.Here’s what you need to know...

COVID has changed how people willing to spend money in the POST-COVID Economy, use the web todecide WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy, and WHO they will buy from.

These changes affect every business, including yours. And, that goes DOUBLE for every business that sells a premium product or a high-dollar business or professional service.

The Covid pandemic brought the U.S. economy to its knees.

“Over 100,000 small businesses are gone forever, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.” Source: a joint research study conducted by the University of Illinois, Harvard Business School, Harvard University and the University of Chicago.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, predicts, “Well over a million micro firms with fewer than ten employees, will ultimately fail.”

Pew Research Center reports, “Unemployment rose higher in three months of COVID-19 than it did in two years of the Great Depression.”

“Over 36 million people gainfully employed before the Corona pandemic decimated the U.S. economy, are presently out of work.” Source: New York Times

To help you appreciate the magnitude of what’s happening, the 36 million people (the newly out of work inAmerica – unemployed, with no income and no ability to buy anything beyond necessities), is more than the entire population of Canada.

Bottom line...

Small businesses are still dropping like flies, and it’s going to get worse.Millions are out of work, struggling just to keep food on the table.The pool of people with enough money to buy any nonessential, big ticket product or service, is smaller now than at any time since the 2008 recession and shrinking by the minute.

And, that’s just half the problem...

Far fewer people have disposable income for anything from elective dental, legal, chiropractic and medicalservices, to business services and premium products. And, people who can afford to buy what they want,are more reluctant than ever to spend money.

And there’s more...

Besides blowing a hole in the U.S. economy, skyrocketing unemployment, and shrinking the pool of possible buyers for virtually everything, the COVID pandemic has radically changed how everyone, (including your prospects), make buying decisions.

What worked in the past - does not work nearly as well today. Companies that stick with pre-COVID stylemarketing, and fail to adapt, will NEVER recover.

It’s a harsh new world.

What changed?

Before COVID decimated discretionary spending nationwide, most businesses competing in the same niche, had one thing in common: the entire focus of their web site, sales letters, emails, funnels, and so on, was the same: all about THE COMPANY and THE PRODUCT.

From a consumer point of view...

PRODUCT-CENTRIC and COMPANY-CENTRIC sales messages, ARE ALL THE SAME: graphically attractive, technically functional, with a STRIKINGLY SIMILAR message.

These kind of messages, on web sites, in sales letters, or wherever they are found - are all about the company and the product, hit none of the hot-button issues a good prospect would find engaging, and are riddled with meaningless self-serving statements everyone ignores - “we value our clients”, “we put YOU first”, “we are committed to excellence” – comments ANY business could make, from a company selling toilets, to a dentists selling a $40,000 full mouth restoration package.

Most web sites offering similar products, or high-dollar business or professional services are so muchalike in terms of LOOK, FEEL and CORE SALES MESSAGE (except for the name and logo), anycompany’s online presence is virtually interchangeable with any other company’s online presence in the same niche.

Most sites in every niche – including yours - are so similar, if you check it out, you’ll start humming the song “Little Boxes”, with the lyric, “They’re all made out of Ticky-tacky and they all look just the same."

The consequences of your PIXEL ESTATE, (which included every word of copy a prospect might see, including; web site, funnels, landing pages, sales letters, blogs and ALL your marketing assets), looking and sounding about like everyone else in your niche include;

1) PRICE becomes the only distinguishing factor, if it all looks the same;2) If nothing CLEARLY distinguishes you from competitors, and competitors’ products or servicesappear so similar, it all comes down to price: instead of being seen as a trusted authority WHOCAN SOLVE A PROBLEM YOUR PROSPECTS DESPERATELY WANT TO SOLVE, they see asjust another look-alike company.

So, why not go with the cheapest.

How is this possible? How can web assets in the same niche be sosimilar they are practically interchangeable?


With few exceptions, tech wizards and graphic designers build your web site, load prebuilt templates that all look about the same, with minimal templated ‘fill in the blanks’ copy that is all about the company or the product, (like a nice online brochure).

This process is so common, most business owners don’t even question it.

But the fact that many people accept a flawed process as ‘the norm’ doesn’t solve any of the problems this kind of flawed process, or anything even remotely like it, creates.

Here’s what’s real,

Tech experts are great at coding. They make bells and whistles work.Graphic designers make PIXEL ESTATE ASSETS, like web sites, funnels, landing pages and blogs, visually appealing. Usually, by loading them up with stunning high-resolution photos – the kind you see in those slick, full-color brochures. The kind nobody reads.Most PIXEL ESTATES, including all the online assets, are designed, built, and have copy provided by people who have never sold anything in their lives other than perhaps their own professional services.

Tech wizards make things functional. Without them, nothing works. Graphic experts make things visuallyappealing. Without them, you look amateurish at best.These experts play an important role.BUT WHAT ABOUT WORDS THAT SELL? What about content that GETS ATTENTION – HOLDS ATTENTION and COMPELS ACTION?

Which wizard creates compelling content to engage your prospects’ interest, draw them into yoursite, and get them EXCITED about doing business with you? The tech guy?Who creates the content that makes your site ABOUT SOMETHING THE CUSTOMER CARESABOUT, instead of all about the company or the product, or how long you’ve been in business? Whodoes that for you? The graphic expert?Who describes the problem in such detail, your prospects know for a fact you understand them? Whomakes your story so compelling, your prospects come to see you as the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY, theone they want to do business with?Who crafts sales arguments so persuasive, they compel a response? Who weaves those argumentsseamlessly throughout your web site, landing pages, and blog, so YOU become the clear choice for anyreal prospect, and price becomes irrelevant?

Who does all this for you?Who crafts the messages that determine if your prospects RESPOND when they find you online – or CLICK AWAY in a few seconds, never to return?

In most cases, the answer is, NO ONE – at least no one with the kind of skill and expertise it takes to capture a prospect’s attention. Engage their interest. And, convert a looker, into a buyer.

The content for most businesses’ entire PIXEL ESTATE, is all about the company or the product. And, while that plays a role, it has NOTHING to do with GETTING your prospects attention. HOLDING theirinterest. And, SELLING your product or service.That is why most sites in most niches are the same: visually appealing with lots of information about thecompany and the product. But, NOT engaging. NOT persuasive. And, NOT compelling enough to get aresponse, which begs the question, ‘why choose you?

Over six short months, COVID changed the way people decide WHAT they buy -WHEN they buy & WHO they will buy from...

Before COVID struck, people had money and were willing to spend it.

The economy was booming. Unemployment was low. In general, people were optimistic and open to‘checking out’ a product, service or company they were unfamiliar with.

Now, because of COVID, optimism is gone.

Businesses are struggling. Unemployment is sky-high. Fewer people have money.

And, those with money, are reluctant to spend it on anything that does not solve a problem that iscausing them pain today, or may cause them pain in the future.

Simply put: your prospects are PROBLEM focused, not SOLUTION focused.

Talk to them about a problem they have (or are at risk of having), and you get their attention. Start withanything else, like how long you’ve been in business, how great your company is, or even details on how your product or service works, and you lose them FAST.

This is not speculation. This is human nature.YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU.YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE.

You think about your business, your family, your health, your finances, goals you want to achieve, risks youwant to avoid, things you want to have, things you want to do, and anything that may affect your life, or thelife of a loved one.

Your prospects are the same.

How to get attention FAST.

If you want someone’s attention, TALK ABOUT WHAT’S ON THEIR MIND. Anything else feels like anintrusion. An interruption. Something they just don’t have time for.

If you have a problem, (a hurt back, a bum knee, low energy, bad teeth, a rocky marriage, a job you hate, not enough money for retirement, slow sales, high cost of advertising, and so on), and that problem is causing you PAIN, and THAT PAIN is on your mind.

Marketers who addressed their prospects pain, AND BUILT RAPPORT BY ENTERING THECONVERSATION GOING ON IN THE PROSPECT’S MIND, sold circles around competitorswho didn’t know, or didn’t know how, (in EVERY niche), long before COVID struck.

COVID is important, because, (practically overnight), COVID changed the national mood from OPTIMISM to PESSIMISM, from CONSUMPTION to CONSERVATION.

“Not now!” is the national mantra for buying anything that’s not a necessity.

And, since everyone considers getting out of pain, (physical, emotional, or financial), and getting out of harm’s way, a necessity...

...if you want to sell something, the key is to lead with the problem your product solvesand the pain it relieves, BEFORE talking about the solution.Do this well, and people with the PROBLEM and the PAIN, will pay attention.

COVID greatly accelerated the need for you to figure this out. Because in today’s world...

If you fail to get your prospects’ attention FAST - they WILL NOT ENGAGE in yourcontent, and WILL BE GONE in seconds. Another lead wasted.

Response to email marketing, SEO and paid advertising slowed before COVID arrived. Those in the know,know people had stopped responding to anything that did not peak their interest.

Like it or not, if your marketing fails to get your prospect’s attention and ENGAGE THEIR INTEREST ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL, most of your marketing dollars, are wasted.

Now, with an uncertain future, and a reluctance to spend money, the most EFFECTIVE way to get andhold a prospect’s attention is...

...See the world through your prospect’s eyes. Understand the PROBLEM not havingwhat you sell causes them. Understand the PAIN that problem creates. Then, craftcontent that makes it clear you understand their situation. You know, because you’vebeen there. You solved the problem. And, you have a solution that may work as well forthem, as it has for others.

This process is critical, because unless your prospect identifies with the problem your widget solves... the solution doesn’t matter.

If you can’t spell out the problem your prospect identifies with, and describe the pain it causes, they will NEVER buy your solution, because they will never believe you truly understand their situation.

The consequences of NOT engaging your prospects on this level are devastating.

1) Your marketing is weak, not nearly as effective as it could be. Which means, you waste much of thehard-earned money you invest in marketing.

2) No one consumes your online content. For all the good it does, the information about your company and your product, may as well not be there.

3) Your SEO effort is wasted, because people who show up don’t engage.

4) Your paid advertising drains your bank account and delivers a puny return, because without engagement, it doesn’t matter how many people show up.

5) Your marketing helps your competitors more than you, because when a prospect fails to engage in your content, they just move on until they find something more compelling.

6) Your marketing costs skyrocket. Cost per lead soars. Cost per sale may double or triple. You spendmore and work harder to earn less, with no fix in sight.

7) Sales decline. Cash flow is a problem. Profits vanish. You feel like the ship is sinking.

8) Stress and worry consumes you.

9) Your attitude sours. Your smile disappears. Your temper grows short. You feel alone and isolated.And, you begin to wonder if maybe your best days are past.

Every business owner experiences a few of these items at some point. It’s shocking today, how manyentrepreneurs and professionals with good businesses, and a long track record of success, have made it all the way to number nine on this list and not recovered since COVID struck.

How much of this applies to you?

Are you concerned with the current situation?

Is your business growing the way you planned? Are you reaching your goals?

Is the financial future you imagined when you started your business on track? Or, have things gone sideways, and now, if you don’t pick up the pace, you’ll never reach your goal?

Do you have a good product or service that solves a real problem, but no matter what you do or how much you spend to reach good prospects, it seems like no one is paying attention?

Has the marketing that worked well enough for you pre-Corona, slowed to a crawl?

Do you wish finding good prospects was easier? Do you wish selling was easier?

Do you wish your marketing was strong enough that people would consume your content, and then contact you with questions answered, objections handled, and essentially ready to do business?

Are you frustrated because costs are high, sales are slow, nothing you try to solve the problem works all that well - and you wish you could find a solution?

If you have any of these concerns, there’s good news.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is an ACTIONABLE SOLUTION to increase prospect engagement practically overnight. And, transform your PIXEL ESTATE, (web site, funnels, landing pages, blogs, and so on), into an INCOME PRODUCING ASSET, you can rely on.

In just a minute, I’ll share details on how to make that transformation and begin enjoying the benefits. Butfirst, allow me to introduce myself.

Prism Letter - qtop online course (1)Hi, my name is Parthiv Shah.I am the President of, one of the top digital marketingagencies in the country.

We enable business owners and professionals who sell premium products and big-ticket business or professional services, to get maximum benefit for every dollar they invest to build their business.

Niches we serve include all big-ticket business and professional services, including, dentistry, legal, financial, chiropractic, alternative medicine, cyber security; coaching and training, securing investors for exempt Reg-D offers, and more.

Since 1989, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners, handled over 10,000 direct response marketing projects. And, mailed over one BILLION pieces of direct mail on their behalf. During that time, I developed and implemented direct marketing campaigns, (on and off line), that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for clients ranging from small professional practices to Fortune 500 Companies.

My first goal with a client is to determine who buys from you. Why they buy. And, what they must believebefore they buy FROM YOU.

With this information, I build systems to reach your ideal prospects. Engage attention, and get them to TAKE THE NEXT STEP... resulting in more sales, more cash flow, a great ROI on your marketing, and an impressive bottom line.

These are not idle words.

As a DATA SCIENTIST, I possess a superpower that gives you a tremendous advantage.

I never guess WHO your ideal prospects are. I never guess why they buy. And, I never guess WHERE to find them. The result: every communication eLaunchers sends, (on or off line), goes to a virtual clone of your BEST customers or clients... the ones who PAY, STAY and REFER.

The Power of Data Unleashed

Imagine the kind of explosive growth you’d enjoy, if every marketing message your send, online and off, reaches people IDEAL for your premium product or service, with a persuasive message.

Get a strong message in front of ideal prospects, and more people engage. More respond. And, more buy. Nothing will grow a business faster.

As a Data Scientist with a reputation for making clients’ money, a Fortune 500 Company engaged me to develop a process to identify the best possible prospects for their products and services. And, I did.

Here’s the story...

The World Trade Center bombing is a dark spot in our history, a horrific event that shocked everyone, and brought business and commerce to a screeching halt.

Much like the COVID pandemic, this paralyzed the nation. Planes were grounded. People were scared.

Discretionary spending evaporated. It hit the economy like an atomic bomb.

Overnight, hundreds of thousands of businesses, large and small, were tossed head first into a nightmare scenario many would not survive: a business disruption resulting in higher costs, fewer sales, and consumers reluctant to spend money on anything but necessities.

No business can survive those conditions for very long. And, it wasn’t long before companies run by people who understood the seriousness of the problem, began to act.

A Fortune 500 Company Reaches Out For Help

In response to the business disruption following the World Trade Center disaster, a Fortune 500 Company hit the panic button. Being familiar with my reputation as a Data Scientist capable of solving marketing problems most couldn’t even guess how to solve, they engaged me to find a way to “cut marketing costs” and simultaneously, “increase sales”.

In other words, spend less and earn more. Cut costs, and increase sales. DO MORE BUSINESS – WITH ALOWER MARKETING BUDGET.

Besides improving efficiency and cutting unnecessary costs, the BEST way to SPEND LESS and EARN MORE, is; 1) FIND BETTER PROSPECTS, and; 2) deliver a stronger, more engaging message that GETS ATTENTION and COMPELS A RESPONSE.

To find those IDEAL prospects, I developed the proprietary PRISM Research Method™. And, theresults were spectacular!

A number of my Fortune 500 and Global 500 clients, including BMW, Volvo, CVS, Gillette, and Reebok,launched new, post 911 marketing campaigns BASED ON MY PRISM LIST RESEARCH, that generatedhundreds of millions of dollars in sales, in about a year.

Results this good don’t stay under wraps for long. Word got out. And soon, companies of all sizes anddescriptions were waiting in line for me to implement PRISM Research for them.

PRISM research gives you an unprecedented advantage in the marketplace. It gives you the ability to reachout across a community, city, state or nation, and, with laser-like accuracy, identify people IDEAL to benefit from your premium product or service.

With that advantage, you have no limits. You can reach IDEAL prospects at will. You can grow as fast as you like. You can double your business. And, double it again, if you want.

How You Can Benefit From the Same ProcessFortune 500 Companies Use To Identify People IDEALFor Their Premium Products and Services

eLauncher’s clients benefit from the same PRISM Research Method™ these companies, who still use the PRISM Research Method™ today, paid a fortune for me to create.

Using PRISM, I identify the 20% of the customers responsible for 80% of your sales revenue over the last year. These are your very best customers or clients, the ones you wish everyone was like. And yes, one way or another, the eighty-twenty rule always applies.

Next, I create a data driven avatar of exactly who those IDEAL prospects are.

We go beyond the obvious.

Data fields that may be considered, include age, sex, income, home owner, value of home, type of automobile, credit score, American Express card holder, real estate investor, stock market investor, zip code, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and many more.

Then, using prestigious data sources, including MasterCard analytics, SRDS, D&B, Reference USA, Acxiom, Equifax, Experian and others, my team and I locate your ideal prospects, ONLINE and OFFLINE. And, implement custom marketing campaigns, (complete with automated follow up and long term nurture), that generate a ROBUST STREAM of excellent prospects who, depending on the impact of your content, are pulled into your copy where they become convinced YOU are RIGHT for THEM.

PRISM solves one of the biggest problems you’ll ever face in business; finding an unlimited number of prospects IDEAL for your premium product or service.

But, it takes more than a good prospect to make a sale.

Finding Great Prospects Is Step One...WITHOUT CONVERSION – YOU HAVE NOTHING

Once you find a great prospect, the sale, (and your business), will LIVE or DIE based on the strength ofyour marketing message in whatever form it is found. (Sales letters, web site copy, emails, funnels, landing pages, videos, blog, special reports, white papers, and so on).

If your message fails to engage your prospects, if your copy fails to draw your prospectsinto your world... so they can discover WHY you are different, HOW you can help, andwhy your solution is superior, they’ll be gone in seconds. And, all your effort is wasted.

PRISM, makes finding great prospects easy. But, that’s only half the battle. Once you find them, you have to get their attention. Hold their interest. And, convert the looker, who reads your messages, into a buyer who becomes a raving fan and gives you referrals. That’s the goal.

But all too often, the letter, web site, email or blog article the client provides is weak. Lackluster. Notengaging. All about the company or the product – with no hot-button issues that would draw a good prospect into the copy and compel a response.

As an agency owner, we struggled with this problem.

This was not acceptable!

A chain is as strong as the weakest link.

And, my goal is to make is to make my clients a fortune.

Putting good prospects in front of weak copy that fails to engage, is a losing proposition. It costs you money. It poisons the well. It gets the prospect to ‘write you off’ in their mind.

Even worse, it primes that prospect to keep looking, until they find something more engaging, no doubt, on a competitors’ site. There’s nothing like funding the competition!

We had to solve this problem.

We needed a strategy to measure the persuasive impact of a client’s sales letters, emails, web copy, blog, and so on – BEFORE we invest in new lead generation. That way, if the copy is not engaging, if it misses the mark, we can replace it with STRONG copy that engages the prospect.

In short, I needed a reliable process to identify hot-button issues that grab a prospect’s attention and pulls them into the content, like a tractor beam on the Starship Enterprise.

...With this information, the writer has what they need to WRITE COMPELLING COPY that holds aprospects interest – so they consume your message, and take the next step, whatever that may be –set an appointment, watch a video, download a report, request more information... or BUY your widget.

After a few false starts, (and spending a fortune trying to solve this problem), I discovered the TOOL anddeveloped the PROCESS that accomplishes all this, and more.

THE PRISMWhy People BuyDiscovery Process...

With this unique process, I determine the GAINS your prospects want to achieve, the PAINS they want toavoid, and the Jobs To Be Done for them.

Next, I examine your VALUE PROPOSITION. I analyze your products and services through the lens ofHOW THEY CREATE GAIN and/or RELIEVE PAIN, and how they ‘do the jobs that need to be done’ for the prospect to get what they want.

When your VALUE PROPOSITION matches your prospects’ GAINS TO ACHIEVE, PAINS TO AVOID, andJOBS TO BE DONE, there is a fit. And, we will have uncovered the hot-button issues that GET and HOLD a good prospect’s attention.

This was the missing piece.

With hot-button issues that are ALL ABOUT THE PROSPECT, spelled out, the copywriter has the firepower it takes to write strong, engaging copy that gets and holds attention.

Copy that rises to this level, draws good prospects into your world.

The wizards of marketing, persuasion, and sales agree: if you want to persuade someone to do something, like take a serious look at your product or service, you must;

1) Understand what your prospects want, which is never a product or a service.2) Understand the PROBLEM they face and the PAIN it causes, including why they have theproblem, why most solutions fail, and why yours is different.3) Then, craft content that pushes those buttons, pulls your prospects into yourworld, and demonstrates you understand their problem, and have a solution that maywork well for them, as it has for others.

This is how you ENTER THE CONVERSATION IN YOUR PROSPECT’S MIND. And, when you enter thatconversation with this level of understanding, you EARN your prospects attention. They see you as an authority. And, are happy you arrived in their life!

Tools for Explosive GrowthPRISM Research = PROSPECTSPRISM Why People Buy Discovery Process = COPY THAT SELLS

1. The PRISM Research Method™, identifies your ideal prospects, people who are virtual clones ofyour best customers or clients, the ones who PAY, STAY and REFER, the ones you wish everyone waslike.

2. The PRISM – Why People Buy - Discovery Process; 1) nails down the problems, the pain andthe emotions your prospects experience. 2) Identifies the gains they want and the jobs to be done forthem to avoid the pain and enjoy the gain. And; 3) details how your product solves the problem,eliminates the pain, and gives the customer the gains they want.

Arm a copywriter with this information, and they have what they need to write compelling copy that pulls prospects into your world. And, gets a response.

Together, these unique processes, give you the power to transform your PIXEL ESTATE, whichincludes every word of copy a prospect may read online of offline, into an ACTIVE INCOMEPRODUCING ASSET that drives growth, and gives you maximum return on every dollar you investto build your business.

These tools take the guess work out of growing your business. Together, they skyrocket the probability ofyour marketing campaigns being a huge success and delivering an excellent ROI.

Great Leads + Strong Content = Growth

Put great leads in front of customer-centric content, and good things happen.

1) Replace weak company-centric, product-centric copy, with strong CUSTOMER-CENTRICMESSAGING, and the probability of your marketing message getting and holding a goodprospect’s attention, especially in troubled times, soars.

2) A strong message loaded with hot-button issues on problems and pain your prospect is dealing with, demands attention.

3) With stronger copy and better engagement, your return on SEO, paid advertising, offline to onlinepromotions, and so on, will improve.4) Putting great prospects in front of compelling content will bring you more sales, lower marketing costs, higher profit, and jealous competitors.5) With strong sales and cash flowing into your business like a river after a huge rain, your attitude will improve. You’ll smile more. And, instead of feeling like your day has come and gone, you’ll feel like you’re just getting started. And, the BEST is yet to come!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Simple. I hold a belief that dates back to the French Revolution, and popularized in modern times by the late great Stan Lee through his character Peter Parker.

“With great power - comes great responsibility.”

The COVID pandemic has ended lives. Killed dreams. And, put millions out of work.

COVID has changed the way people buy. The old way is gone, never to return.

As upsetting as this may be, and as angry as it may make you: without adapting to WHAT WORKSNOW, and making changes to your marketing copy, wherever it is found, online or offline, you riskbecoming a statistic, instead of a wealthy business owner who does what it takes to SURVIVE andPROSPER beyond all expectation.

Fortunately, for you, your employees, your family and your future customers or clients, it’s not too late.There is a fix. And, it’s not as difficult as you may imagine.

You still have a choice.

You can adapt, upgrade your sales message, and prosper, perhaps more than ever.Alternatively, you are free to struggle with rising costs, and suffer with weak sales until things get so bad, you just give it up -- and, become further proof of what Charles Darwin said in Origin of Species in 1859: species that fail to adapt to a changing environment, die.

With the knowledge I possess, my experience solving these kinds of problems, and the insight I can share, you can adapt, and, march confidently into your most profitable years ever.

Without that knowledge, the same knowledge I use to generate hundreds millions of dollars in sales for clients, the risk is: your neck may be on the chopping block.

Bottom line: I CAN HELP and am HAPPY to do so - that’s why, for business owners who qualify, I opened a LIMITED number slots in my schedule each week to discuss this.

Questions you are sure to have...

Will stronger copy give you a sustainable sales boost?

Who writes the copy once the Why People Buy Discovery Process is complete?

Will the upgraded copy work in customer reactivation campaigns? What about email sequences and funnels? What about sales letters, blog articles and special reports?

Do I have to start over with copy? Or, can I solve the problem by adding A FEW KEY PAGES that connect with the prospect and make the site more engaging?

Will changing FROM company-centric TO customer-centric copy that details the PROBLEM and the PAIN prospects experience, bring my PIXEL ESTATE in line with what people respond to today?

How does focusing on the problem and the pain increase engagement? Don’t people want to know about the company and the product before they buy? Do emotional hot-buttons matter all that much?

Can the PRISM Research Method locate leads in any geographical area?

How does this process transform my PIXEL ESTATE, (web presence, email sequences, funnels, blog, and so on), into a DEPENDABLE INCOME PRODUCING ASSET?

Can I do this without you? Or, do I have to hire you to get the results I want?

If I decide I want eLaunchers to implement my Growth Master Plan, how much does it cost? When can we start? What’s included? How long does it take? Is there a guarantee?

How do I get these answers?WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP?

Your Next Step couldn’t be easier.

Pick up the phone and call, or go online and schedule an initial Growth Master Plan Discovery Call. This call takes about 20 minutes.

This is so important, I arranged things so I can take a limited number of these calls each week and spend the time necessary to answer your questions, and develop a plan you can follow, with or without my help, to PROSPER in these challenging times.

During the call, we spend a few minutes getting to know one another. Then, I answer your questions. And,ask a few of my own to determine your most pressing needs.

If there’s a fit between YOUR PRIMARY GROWTH NEEDS, and HOW I CAN HELP, the next step is toschedule two, one-hour Growth Strategy Sessions, to develop a GROWTH MASTER PLAN for yourbusiness.

This sounds like a tall order. And, maybe it is. Even so, we’ll get it done. We’ll stay on track. And, IGUARANTEE, you’ll find the process enjoyable, and extremely valuable.

There is no cost, charge or obligation of any sort for the GROWTH STRATEGY SESSIONS, or for theGROWTH MASTER PLAN that comes out of those sessions.

What Happens On Call One...

Your first one-hour growth planning session is about STRATEGY.

1) We examine your business economics, including; where you stand in terms of total revenue, profit per transaction and a great deal more. And, we evaluate your process for attracting new business, yoursales process once a new lead arrives, the lifetime value of a new customer or client, and a great dealmore.2) Next, we examine your Value Proposition. I analyze your products and services through the lens ofHOW THEY CREATE GAIN and/or RELIEVE PAIN, and see how well that lines up with the gains your prospects want to achieve, and the pains they want to avoid. In the process, we uncover hot-button issues that will get and hold attention, and determine if they are present and how effective they are in your current PIXEL ESTATE.3) Next, we determine WHERE YOU ARE, your current state in terms of sales and profit in yourbusiness. Then, you decide WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, (goal state). This is critical information weuse to develop the SUCCESS BLUEPRINT that will guide you step-by-step to steady growth and higher profit.4) Next, we work out how much incremental growth you need quarter by quarter to reach your growth goal on schedule. We evaluate your conversion rate, (turning lookers into buyers). And, we determine how many new leads you need quarterly, monthly, and weekly to reach your sales goal.5) Then, given your desired outcome, (determined in step four above), you tell me your plan, as you currently see it, to reach your goal. And, that’s a wrap for hour one.This is a lot to accomplish in an hour, but with the process we follow, an hour is all it takes to get the answers needed for a HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE second call.On the second call, (typically the next day), we develop a MASTER GROWTH PLAN to take your business forward, and reach your your target goals.During your second one-hour Growth Planning Session, we...1. Evaluate different strategies to accelerate your growth. We evaluate the EASE of each possible solution, the IMPACT of each solution, and the PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS of each solution under consideration. Then, we choose the growth strategy or strategies best suited for your situation.2. Next, we develop a Quarterly Tactical Operational Plan, QTOP. The outcome of this process is a step-by-step activity plan to reach your goals, using the chosen strategy. This operational plan becomes your ROAD MAP FOR ACCELERATED GROWTH.

3. Next, we review the project planning tools we use at to oversee a project, keep track of weekly activities, and make certain the things that are supposed to happen, do happen ON TIME, ON BUDGET and ON SCOPE.

4. Next, you see case studies and examples of what we’ve done for clients in similar situations. And, discuss the results they experienced over what time frames.5. Finally, we discuss where to go from here: your next steps to reach your growth goals, if you see as a good fit to help you grow, and what happens if you do.Outcome you can expect for putting your business under this kind of FACT FINDING, GOAL SETTING, PROBLEM SOLVING microscope, include;You will have a clear picture of your business economics; cost per lead, cost per sale, your current revenue vs. your desired revenue, the lifetime value of a new customer or client, how many leads and sales you need to make up the difference, and more.You will understand your VALUE PROPOSITION in terms of the problems your customers experience and the pain they want to avoid. And, you will have a list of HOT BUTTON ISSUES that will get and hold a good prospects attention, and in many cases, get the desired response.You will have EXTREME CLARITY on where you are in your business today, and where you want to be in the time frame of your choosing.You’ll have a Quarterly Tactical Operational Plan, (QTOP), and spreadsheet detailing the most powerful steps you can take to move from your CURRENT STATE to your GOAL STATE with the HIGHEST PREDICTABLE DEGREE OF SUCCESS.You’ll know the best project management tools available, all of which are accessible to you whether we work together or not.You will know from the case studies we review, exactly how well the growth strategy you believe is best for you, worked for others in a similar situation. And;By the end of the second call, you will know if you would like to drive the process for you and implement the plan we developed.

If it turns out we work together, great, we’ll discuss details and get started.

If not, you will have had a rewarding time working on your business. You’ll have gained valuable insights you can apply right away. And, if now is not the time, perhaps we will work together some time in the future.

Either way, this will be time well spent!

Is this your best course of action? Is making the call and investingtwo hours to work on your business right for you?Charles Darwin replies...

A short summary of Darwin’s theory: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Species best suited to their environment tend to survive and prosper, while others less suited, struggle and fail.

Said another way: Species that fail to adapt to a changing environment, go extinct. They die out. Pass away. And, cease to exist, while species that successfully adapt, prevail and prosper.

The environment you do business in, has changed.

Your prospects’ priorities have changed.

How your prospects decide who they will do business with, has changed.

The kind of messages your prospects respond to, have changed.

And your competitors, the ones that have not died out and are determined to prevail, are working overtime to figure out the changes, and adapt, so they can have their best years ever going forward, and grab customers or clients who may have easily been yours... if only you had adapted first.

Survival of the fittest is alive and well.

You accepting my offer, and allowing me to lead you through the Free Growth Planning Process, (typically reserved for clients who pay thousands of dollars to get started), may be the most significant, most valuable thing you can do to ADAPT and PROSPER going forward.

The two hours of time you invest going through this process, will give you an advantage most businesses, including your competitors, simply don’t have.

You’ll have a Road Map to follow, a strategic plan to optimize everything, and sell more of your premium product or service starting right away.You’ll have a perfect understanding of WHAT’S WORKING NOW.You’ll know how to achieve fail-safe implementation.

And it won’t cost you a dime!

That about wraps it up, except to say...

With prospects ideal for your premium product or service, strong copy, a well thought-out growth plan, and the ability to implement, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. This is the Holy Grail of direct response marketing.

And, this is what your Growth Planning Session is all about.

Developing a plan to implement these elements in your business,Finding an endless supply of ideal prospects for your premium product or service,Developing a compelling message prospects will respond to.Detailed insight on how to achieve fail-safe implementation... and more.

This is what ever business needs, but few have. This is the secret sauce that can put you ontrack for enjoying your most profitable years going forward.

I hope you find this valuable, and accept my offer.

To schedule your 20 minute Discovery call: phone 301-760-3953 or to schedule online, visit and pick a time convenient to your schedule

It will be a pleasure get to know you.

Sincerely and all the best,

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Parthiv ShahPresident, email: [emailprotected]: 301.873.5791 (Feel free to text me, I will respond promptly)

PS – If this is right for you, and you want to schedule a call, now is the time.

I am delighted to answer your questions, evaluate your data, uncover hot-button issues that will get people to respond to your content, and develop a Growth Master Plan, (you can implement with or without my help), to bring you more business fast.

But with all the responsibilities of running eLaunchers, and making sure clients reach their quarterly revenue goals and stay on track to enjoy their best year ever... I can only carve out enough time for nine (9) new Growth Planning Calls a month... and this letter is going to land on the desk of over 1492 business owners in the database over the next few weeks.

So again, if this is for you, go ahead and schedule now so we can get started, and you don’t have to wait in line for no telling how many weeks.

Call 301-760-3953, or schedule online at: www.GetGrowthMasterPlan.comPPS – Just a reminder, there is no cost, charge, or obligation of any sort for hopping on the phone with me and working on your Growth Master Plan. I honestly believe ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

And I know from long experience, and a portfolio of excellent results, accepting my offer and going through the process will pay HUGE dividends.

PPPS – that number again is 301-760-3953 – or schedule online

Before we end, I got gifts!

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During our appointment(s), I would have had a chance to learn a lot about you, your business, your possible love for reading books and based on what I gather about you, I will put together a gift box of books and other resources that you would find interesting, valuable and helpful.

I am looking forward to talking to you soon. Please click or call to book your 20 minute appointment today. That number again is 301-760-3953 – or schedule online at:

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