Scaling GTM with HubSpot: The Happy Customers Festival Edition (2024)


This guide will show you exactly how to set up your HubSpot account to effectively run customer success.

But first, let's cover why you should consider using HubSpot for your customer success processes.

Have you ever felt the excitement of purchasing a new product, only to be met with disappointment in the experience that followed? This often happens when there’s a gap between our expectations and the reality. Maybe you’ve had detailed discussions with sales reps, and then found yourself repeating the same information to others in the company. These scenarios are frustratingly common, and usually, they stem from teams struggling with makeshift processes and disconnected tools. They're forced to choose between providing quality support to a just a few customers or spreading themselves too thin.

The secret of the most successful teams lies in moving from a reactive to a proactive approach. They achieve this by having a well-defined process and a system that maximizes their time and resources. A solid process for customer success not only streamlines your team's workflow but also fosters collaboration across departments, leading to better customer outcomes, even as your business grows.

To build a truly connected customer experience, a clear and operational process is essential. That’s where HubSpot shines.

Here are four key reasons why HubSpot is the perfect platform to define and operationalize your process for customer success:

  1. Structured Processes: HubSpot’s tools, like required fields, data validation, templates, and pipelines, combined with team and customer data, help in creating a consistent process that grows with you. Using HubSpot for process definition offers valuable reporting data and triggers for automation.
  2. Connected Customer Experience: Successful customer engagement involves everyone - marketing, sales, and success teams. HubSpot unites all customer-facing teams, providing insights into each phase of the customer journey. This enhances understanding and support, and HubSpot’s automatic tracking reduces the need to revisit previously covered details with customers.
  3. Efficiency and Automation: Defining your customer success process in HubSpot means moving beyond manual tasks. It equips your team with templates, snippets, and automated workflows. This eliminates time-consuming tasks, freeing up your team to focus on what matters most - customer success.
  4. Continuous Feedback Loop: HubSpot brings your customer-facing teams together, fostering a continuous feedback loop that enhances the customer experience. With all data and interactions in one place, more team members can spot opportunities for improvement in your customer success processes.

While HubSpot is widely recognized for its marketing and sales capabilities, it’s also incredibly effective for customer success, even though it may require some initial setup. The advantage of unifying all your customer-facing teams and data in one system definitely outweighs the initial effort.

In this playbook, you’ll find practical tips and step-by-step guides to establish a strong foundation for managing customer success within HubSpot.

Remember, building a system for customer success is not just about empowering your team; it’s about elevating your customers' experience too.


First things first: let's get your HubSpot account all set up and ready to go for customer success.

👉 Which HubSpot Hubs should you use for customer success?

👉 Configure your HubSpot company records for customer success

👉 Create a separate HubSpot pipeline for each lifecycle stage

👉 Set up HubSpot deal and ticket records for customer success

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We'll dive into making your sales to customer success handoffs super smooth in HubSpot. It's all about starting off on the right foot.

👉 Basic principles of successful handoffs

👉 Define required properties when new sales deals are closed won

👉 Kick off your internal handoff process when you get a new customer

👉 Automate your customer onboarding setup in HubSpot

👉 Report on your team's handoff velocity

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Ready to make your customer onboarding a breeze? We'll show you how to use HubSpot to make it happen effortlessly.

👉 Choosing the right HubSpot object for customer onboarding

👉 Enable customers to make progress with collaborative onboarding plans

👉 Create different onboarding paths for each customer segment

👉 Automate your onboarding pipeline movement based on customer progress

👉 Identify customers stuck in onboarding with HubSpot pipeline tags

👉 Get visibility into onboarding activity with a HubSpot report

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It's all about keeping and growing your customer base. We'll show you how HubSpot can help with managing renewals and nailing those upsells.

👉 Create a dedicated renewal pipeline in HubSpot

👉 Add renewal-specific properties to HubSpot

👉 Create new renewal deals when sales deals close

👉 Create subsequent renewal deals after the first year

👉 Move deals based on days to renewal

👉 Report on closed revenue by type and renewal year

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Keeping an eye on customer health is key. We'll guide you through using HubSpot's tools to track and boost it.

👉 Configure product usage data in HubSpot

👉 Build a customer health score in HubSpot

👉 Quickly identify customer health in HubSpot with emojis

👉 Visualize your customer's health score trends in HubSpot

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Scaling GTM with HubSpot: The Happy Customers Festival Edition (2024)


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