Young Sheldon: Raegan Revord Reflects on Missy’s Taylor Swift Eras and Her Tearful Finale Reaction (2024)


Will Missy appear in the Georgie and Mandy spinoff? Raegan Revord answers our Young Sheldon finale questions.

Raegan Revord proved to be the ultimate scene stealer as Missy Cooper in CBS’ Young Sheldon, which is currently airing its seventh and final season.

The prequel spinoff of The Big Bang Theory offered fans the chance to experience Sheldon’s childhood in East Texas with his loving family. May 16 is set to be an emotional goodbye to the Coopers in a two-part series finale that will have you grabbing your nearest box of tissues.

Before that time comes, Den of Geek had the opportunity to speak with Revord about how she felt while reading the last script, if we’ll see her in the upcoming Georgie and Mandy spinoff, on-set traditions, memorable moments, Missy’s own Eras Tour, and more.

Den of Geek: Were you personally satisfied with the ending, and what were your reactions and thoughts when you were reading that final script? I imagine it was a very surreal moment after being on the show for so long.


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Raegan Revord: Yeah, reading the very last one was rough because, at the end of a season the last script will say ”end of season.” This time I read the last word and then I saw, “end of series,” and I was like, “Oh god!” I’m gonna be so honest, I cried for so long. Anytime I had to go over my lines, I would avoid that last page like it was the plague.

I’m sure that I’m gonna have the same reaction as you, just sobbing.

They’re gonna be finding tissues on that stage for years to come. That’s gonna be Young Sheldon‘s reputation – its legacy on Warner Bros.’ (studio). God, it’s rough. It’s really sweet. I’m really happy with how it ended and I love it, but it’s very emotional. It’s really good. And it’s really cool because I think a lot of The Big Bang Theory fans are gonna be happy because a certain Jim [Parsons] and Mayim [Bialik] may be reprising their roles, possibly on camera, who knows? You didn’t hear that from me.

I mean, they did technically announce it, so we’re all ready for it. Did you get to talk with them behind the scenes at all? I know Jim has obviously been a huge part of the series from the beginning.

So, I’ve never seen The Big Bang Theory, but I’m pretty sure they ended with 12 seasons. Whenever we started, they were on their 10th season and because their stage is right next door to ours, we saw them a lot. In terms of asking for advice and stuff, that was really Jim going to Iain [Armitage] because obviously, Iain having to play Sheldon was such a specific thing. It’s evolved so much where Iain will say something and I’m like, “Why do you sound like Jim there? What just happened?” It’s honestly a testament to his acting that he has to say these crazy science things and I’m like, I don’t know what that means.

I can’t wait for you to eventually watch the original series and be like, “That’s what that meant!”


There’s been some Easter eggs every once in a while and I’m like, “Guys, what does this mean? I don’t know what this means.” And so, sometimes it’ll say something and I’m like, ”I think this is something from The Big Bang Theory. I don’t understand it, but I hope people like it.”

It has been so much fun to see you grow with Missy. In terms of her evolution, what was your particular favorite stage to play when it came to her arc? I really loved, especially this season, how we saw a different side to her.

Definitely. I think it’s been cool because it’s like each season is almost – I’m a Swiftie, so it’s kind of like Missy’s little “eras.”

Oh, here we go.

Here we go. I found my Swiftie!

Come on, I even have my friendship bracelets on.


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I love you, you’re amazing.

Let’s go.

I feel like how Taylor Swift has her “eras,” it’s kind of how each season is a different Missy. In the first one, she’s a bit more opinionated and she’s the sassy one with the good comebacks and everything. Then, in season three, you have the layers peeled back and you can see a different side to her. I’m kind of skipping around here because I don’t want to go through all of the eras, but in season seven, you see her take on responsibility, become like the parent in the house, and fill in Mary’s shoes. Missy’s had her own Eras Tour throughout Young Shelton.

So now I have to ask this question, what song or album do you feel like describes Missy right now?

This is a good question. I feel like it could maybe have a dabble of Reputation in it, that feels very Missy-esque. Maybe also a bit of Folklore or Evermore. It’s actually kind of cool because when my best friend and I went to the Eras Tour together, we were like, “What era are you? What album do you think you are?” My best friend told me that I’m Reputation internally, but Folklore externally and I’m like, “I love this for me. I’m embracing this.”

When people look back at Young Sheldon, what do you hope the legacy is and how do you hope Missy fits into it?


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I feel like her legacy could be confidence because throughout the seasons, you kind of see [her] Eras Tour – you see different sides to Missy, but one of the things that stays constant is her confidence. In the beginning of the show, she’s not afraid to tell Sheldon why he’s being annoying or what he’s doing wrong and she just gives it to him as it is. She’s very honest.

Could we see you in the spinoff with Georgie and Mandy?

I would love to be there. I love Montana [Jordan] and Emily [Osment] so much. They’re literally like my brother and my sister-in-law and I will take any chance I can to work with them. They’re some of my favorite people and the whole cast is amazing, and I would be absolutely honored to be there.

You also posted this really sweet thing, which stuck out to me, about this tradition of the growth chart. What other traditions can you tell me about growing up on set?

It’s always fun. With the growth chart, we take a photo of us at our height now and then, we all kind of squat down to the level we were at whenever we started. It’s like, “Whoa, we’ve grown a lot.” When I started the show, I was a little mouse. I was so baby. I was in a car seat when we started and I’m just learning how to drive now. It puts it into perspective how long we’ve been here.

As for other traditions, we have a little area near our stage called “Rose Gardens” and it’s this pretty, grassy area between these small office buildings. It has weeping willows everywhere. Every once in a while we’ll do lunch in the garden. It’s so pretty and so beautiful, and we just hang out and it’s amazing. I love it.

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Oh, I thought of another tradition, this is my favorite one! We have a thing called “view and chew.” Basically, once again during lunch, we all will go and watch whatever episode is about to come out. We always have popcorn because you gotta have popcorn when you’re watching a show or a movie. We do Fresh Brothers and then we do another sandwich place, it’s always great. Our crafty is amazing. They’re geniuses. They keep us happy on Young Sheldon.

I really loved how you wrote about the cast, the crew, and the producers being the “most incredible village.” What is one memory you have that, when you look back, it holds a special meaning to you for one reason or another?

This is actually recently, it was maybe the second to the last episode – the 13th [episode]. We were wrapping guest stars and all of them are so dear to our hearts: Rachel Bay Jones, Melissa Peterman, who I love to death, and Reba McEntire, who is the sweetest lady ever. I love her to death, it’s crazy that I know her. We were wrapping them and all of the cast was hanging out, and we pulled a couch off the set onto stage and we had everyone just sitting on the couch. I was sitting in Lance’s [Barber] lap. Iain was kind of sprawled over Miss Annie [Potts]. It was amazing. Half the crew came over and were like “we’ve got to get a photo, guys!” So there are definitely photos. We were like, “Why haven’t we been doing this the whole time?” We all just hung out for two or three hours.

New episodes of Young Sheldon’s final season air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Young Sheldon: Raegan Revord Reflects on Missy’s Taylor Swift Eras and Her Tearful Finale Reaction (2024)


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